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Friday June 23, 2017
All BTI Rams &
Tactical Tools

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BTI Tool Kit
BTI Collapsible
Eagle and
Hornet Tools

NTOA Member Tested & Recommended
RAM and PRY Doors
NTOA Member Tested And Recommended
  • THE ONLY Breaching Doors that can provide you with REAL LIFE TRAINING and a 1,500 BREACH WARRANTY!
  • Cut breaching costs by up to 400%!
  • Increase efficiency by up to 800%!
  • Four Ram Door models to choose from.
  • Three Pry Door models to choose from.
  • Four Shotgun Door models to choose from.
  • Use bird-shot or blanks.
  • Shotgun doors simulate Locks, hinges or a combination of both.
  • Five Explosive Door models to choose from.
  • Simulate up to three lock sets.
  • Can be installed or used free standing.
  • Doors reset in a matter of seconds! No down time.
  • Highly cost effective versus using real doors.
  • Simulate wood and metal door frame breaching.
  • BTI Breaching Doors - ...often imitated, NEVER duplicated!

THE ONLY Breaching Doors that can provide:
Made in the good ole USA!
all BTI products are
Made In The USA
Celebrating 14 Years of Quality Breaching Doors
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Don't be fooled by imitators or pretenders...

You may be confronted by a manufacturer to purchase a breaching training door that imitates the real life training that only Breaching Technologies can provide. The BTI patented locking system allows for each and every breach to be made under real life circumstances.

The trainee may be subjected to inferior training methods if wood dowels or wood replacements are used while breaching a door. This method of breaching a Ram or Pry door may be harmful as the pre-memory response related to real life training is the primary reason for purchasing a breaching training door. BTI has engineered its patented locking system to meet these requirements... Read More
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